Planters to add height to your outdoor space

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By Laura Toogood

There is nothing quite like the RHS Cheslea Flower Show to help give you some inspiration for your garden. I left last month’s event in London with loads of ideas for my garden and how to make the most of your outdoor space during the summer.

One thing that I am always on the lookout for is a good pot. In fact, I find it so frustrating when you go on holiday to Southern European countries and spot beautiful urns and giant pots that are for sale on the roadside for practically nothing. Not only is it really difficult to find decent, spacious pots in the UK but some of them are absurdly expensive.

I love pots because you can easily regulate the soil conditions and use them to grow a wide variety of plants on a balcony or terraced area. They also look fantastic in the garden when filled with brightly coloured summer annuals.

I recently discovered the Stewart Garden range of planters, including the contemporary Varese Tall Planters, which are particularly impressive in their dimensions. The pot is made from plastic. I am certainly not adverse to using such a material because it brings many benefits such as being weatherproof and lightweight. However, the plastic must have an authentic finish and this is achieved in the Stewart Garden range thanks to a textured appearance.

Tall planters are fabulous for providing different dimensions to your garden and they can inject some height and variety. If they are as deep as the Varese Tall Planter, they can sufficiently host anything from a Bay Tree to a vivacious climbing rose. Climbing roses or plants such as the clematis can grow up a wall or fenced area to enhance it with greenery and impressive blooms. The Stewart Garden Varese Tall Planter, which is available in dark brown, granite or sandstone, is perfect for the job and a worthwhile addition to your outside space.

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