Enjoy an instant sleep upgrade with the Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper

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There are so many benefits of sleeping well. Sleep helps the body to recharge and relax, while giving the mind some much-needed downtime too.

Creating the optimum environment for good sleep is a challenge. Temperature, light, sound and bedroom furniture all play a key role when it comes to ensuring that you have the best surroundings possible.

One place that should be a key focus is your bed and, considering that we spend almost half of our lives in bed, it is important to make this piece of household furniture as comfortable as possible.

There is no need to take any drastic measures to see an improvement. If you are hesitant to replace your entire bed and mattress, we recommend adding a topper. This is an easy way to make a small change that is likely to lead to a significant enhancement in the comfort stakes.   

The Simba Hybrid Topper can improve any mattress

A good topper can make a whole world of difference and it has the power to completely change the feel of a bed. The Hybrid Mattress Topper from Simba has been designed to give a comfort boost. It is different to a traditional memory foam topper. The Hybrid Mattress Topper by Simba has a unique and innovative design, which focuses on delivering a cushioned feel and also managing body temperature.

This mattress topper combines up to 2,500 ingenious Aerocoil springs with a layer of open-cell Simbatex foam. This combination helps to keep you cool at night. Simbatex foam is classified as ‘open cell’ and it has a less dense structure than traditional memory foam.

The topper has an impressively luxurious and tender feel when you lie on it, but it also provides the right support for your back as a result of the high-density base. This is important for those who need support, but also don’t want anything too firm.

Mattress toppers are an excellent way to add an extra layer of comfort to your own bed. Equally, they can be a great addition to a guest room and a simple solution for improving any kind of mattress that you may already have in your home.

Making changes to your bedroom furniture can be daunting, but Simba offer a 200 night trial to help alleviate any worries, which is very reassuring.  

Shop the Simba Hybrid Topper here: Simba Hybrid® Pure Foam & Spring Mattress Topper | Simba Sleep

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