DIY Christmas Wreath: Make your own Christmas decoration  

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With Christmas week on the horizon, most people have probably already decorated their houses with trees, lights and festive scented candles. While there are some spectacular decorations available from the likes of Harrods, Selfridges and Peter Jones, there is something rather charming about adding a DIY touch in some way.

This year at The Sloaney HQ we have made our own Christmas wreath! Even if you don’t possess an artistic bone in your body, this is something fun and easy to do. It doesn’t take long and we have some tips to help you out…


Making your own Christmas Wreath adds a certain charm to festive decorations – here is one at The Sloaney HQ

How to make your own Christmas Wreath…

  1. You need a little head start in the form of a Christmas wreath frame. This is the round metal base that you can use to wrap some of the greenery around and you can find one for a couple of pounds on ebay.
  2. Head out into your garden to find some greenery and pick some branches from an evergreen bush or fir tree.
  3. Wrap the branches around the frame and do this in multiple layers– thinner and flexible ones work best.
  4. Add some holly into the woven branches for a festive touch.
  5. Make a tie at the top with some red ribbon.
  6. Add in some little fir cones or other decorations.
  7. Spray with a clear glitter spray.
  8. Hang from the door!