Bloom & Wild: Fresh flowers forever!

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There is nothing nicer than being on the receiving end of a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers. Bright buds and floral scents are bound to brighten up anyone’s day.

Here at The Sloaney we have decided that you don’t always need someone else to be sending the flowers as a gift in order to enjoy this treat. In fact, receiving a beautiful collection of seasonal blooms that you have ordered yourself is just as special and a lovely way to cheer up your living room.

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild deliver to your door using a special envelope

With this in mind, we were pleased to learn about Bloom & Wild’s brilliantly convenient way of delivering such a treat, week on week. In fact, Bloom & Wild is the UK’s only nationwide florist that specially delivers full bouquets of fresh, long-lasting flowers through the letterbox. That’s right – there is no need to have your flowers delivered to an office or stay at home waiting for them to arrive as they will fit perfectly through a normal sized letterbox. The packaging also protects the flowers and keeps them in the best possible condition.

Bloom & Wild also offer a subscription service that means your home will never miss out on a fresh blossoming bouquet. The growers will cut to order, which means you can pick your favourite selection for regular delivery or change it depending on the time of year.

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild have a number of bouquets you can choose

Your home will never miss out on fresh flowers and you won’t even notice the first signs of wilting as a new assortment will arrive at your door in time to replace any fading blooms. They are also really easy to arrange once they arrive and the packaging is deceptive – the final bouquet is much larger than you would believe at first sight! It is an excellent service and well worth trying out.

You can order a Bloom & Wild bouquet as a one-off gift or arrange a gift subscription. Prices are from £19.95 for a single bouquet or £50 for a three month subscription. More at: