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Dr. Laura Toogood is also the founder of Fieldmaster Group.

About Fieldmaster Group: 

Fieldmaster Group provides expert guidance and technical insight for managing the online profile. Fieldmaster Group specialises in advising family offices, prominent individuals and luxury brands with regards to the various challenges that are presented by the digital age. Further information can be found here.


Latest News:

Dr Laura Toogood is recommended in the Spear’s 500 as a Top Digital Reputation Manager:

“The eminent Dr. Laura Toogood continues to shine in reputation management…” Read more

Dr. Laura Toogood, Founder of Fieldmaster Group, writes about some of the key challenges that we face in the digital age in her article in the latest edition of Spear’s Magazine (Jan/Feb 2017 issue).

Spears Magazine Article - Dr. Laura Toogood

Read the latest feature in The Telegraph by Dr. Laura Toogood, Founder of Fieldmaster Group:

Jeremy Hunt has called for a crackdown on cyberbullying and sexting, suggesting that technology companies should do more to prevent it.  Why are we still so naive about the dangers of sexting? 


Telegraph feature by Dr Laura Toogood, founder of Fieldmaster Group