Why Women Are Buying More Expensive Watches Than Men

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Traditionally, the watch collecting market is one that is dominated by men with men both purchasing luxury watches to wear as well as investing in timepieces that could be sold for greater value down the line. While men are still buying a lot of watches, there has been a noticeable shift in recent years and there has been a sharp rise in female watch collecting and statistics show that it is women that are buying higher value watches compared to men right now. So, why might this be?

Buying Higher but Buying Less

Interestingly, it seems that women are buying higher value, luxury watches but buying less than men. The demand for watches has remained high among people of all ages even with new technologies coming out, but it is only recently that women have started to spend more on luxury watches than men. It is thought that some women are buying luxury watches at a high price point as an investment as opposed to adding to a collection.

Watches can certainly be a smart investment, so it is a good move for anyone that is looking to invest in something that is likely to increase in value in the future. In a time when it is hard to know what to invest in with so much economic volatility, items like watches can be a safe bet and this might be why more women are starting to invest in luxury watches.

Women Earning More

Another reason why women might be investing in more expensive watches than men is the increase in salary. Although there is still more important work to be done, there are many more high-powered job opportunities for women these days and this means that, on average, women are earning more money. This means that some women will have a lot more disposable income and can look to buying/investing in items like luxury watches as a way to spend this extra cash. Treating yourself to an Omega watch after landing a high-paid treat is something that could be a nice treat, especially if you view it as a long-term investment for the future.

It is interesting to see how the luxury watch market has shifted in recent years. While it is still mainly men who are buying, collecting and investing in watches, you will find that women tend to spend more on luxury watches than men right now. It is not entirely clear why this might be, but it is thought that women are investing in these high-value watches with the idea of selling down the line instead of wearing them. Additionally, new job opportunities and higher salaries are also giving women higher disposable income for items like watches, which previously they may not have considered.