The Benefits of Having a Wine Cellar in the home

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Bespoke wine cellars are becoming an increasingly popular feature for enthusiasts who wish to create a dedicated place to store their wine. Here, Wine Racks UK discusses the various benefits of having a wine cellar installed within the home.

Improved organisation

Wine cellars allow passionate wine lovers to better organise their collection based on the occasion, meal, or mood they wish to pair them with, or, more precisely, according to their grape variety, type, region or age.

Not only does bottle organisation make your home appear more sophisticated, but it also increases efficiency. Rather than wasting time searching for the right bottle, sorting the wine into categories within a purpose-built cellar makes the task at hand much less time-consuming.

Having an extensive collection of wine bottles huddled in a kitchen or dining room can make it very challenging to prepare and serve food or entertain guests. In order to free up some space in an otherwise crowded area, it might be time to invest in a wine cellar, which provides you with a designated place to store your beloved wine collection.

Wine cellars are particularly beneficial for people with large assortments, or those who wish to preserve specific bottles for many years until they have reached their peak age. Instead of keeping them around the house, creating clutter and reducing space, a wine cellar is a much more desirable option.

Optimal conditions

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a wine cellar installed is that, when fitted properly, it can provide the optimal conditions for which wine should be stored.

There are several factors which have a significant impact on a wine’s ageing process and, therefore, overall taste, including UV light exposure, humidity and temperature fluctuations. As such, a wine cellar enables wine fanatics to store their bottles, especially pricier and age-worthy wines, in its ideal environment.

Generally, every room in a household will have windows, which enable sunlight to enter and damage the wine collection. UV exposur­e can increase the rate of premature ageing, which spoils the taste and body of the wine, so installing the cellar in a dark room, preferably beneath ground-level, can safeguard against this.

Additionally, low humidity levels cause the cork to dry out, whereas high humidity levels allow mould to develop and ruin wine labels. Therefore, controlling the humidity of the cellar can prevent the outbreak of these issues and keep wine bottles in excellent condition.

Likewise, temperature fluctuations of more than 6 – 7 degrees can have a profound effect on the wine’s ageing process and overall taste of the wine. By having a cellar conditioner installed within the space, the temperate and humidity levels can remain constant.

Host special wine events

As well as having a home wine cellar installed for their own pleasure, many people enjoy showing off their collection to friends and family. Those who are lucky enough to have a cellar tend to host wine-related events, as well as being more inclined to increase their knowledge of wine.

To seriously wow guests, a tasting table can also be fitted so that wine tasting events down in the cellar are that little bit more impressive!

Storing wine for profit

Usually, as a person’s wine collection grows, so too does their knowledge of the different varieties and how to keep them at their best. Many people purchase wine as an investment, by ageing it correctly within their wine cellar and selling it on at a profit, since proper ageing improves the quality of the wine and can unlock its full flavour.

Increase property value

The presence of a wine cellar within the home has been known to increase property value, which is advantageous for those who wish to sell in the future.

There are a large number of wine enthusiasts who dream of living in a house with a wine cellar but do not have the time to build one. As such, if they come across a property with this niche feature, they may seize their opportunity to buy.