Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

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If you look after your hair properly, it’ll look fantastic for years. In most cases, good hair care means forming the right habits, investing in the right products, and apply those habits and products consistently. Let’s take a look at some rules to live by if you want amazing-looking hair!

Always Use Protection

Any source of heat is going to inflict damage on the cells that make up your hair, ultimately weakening it. If you’re going to be using anything hot, like straighteners, curling tongs, or even a hairdryer, it’s worth first treating your hair to a protective spray. You might also simply turn down the heat.

Dry Your Hair Naturally

Blow-drying can give your hair a distinctive, airy look. But if you’re doing it at high temperatures on a daily basis, the damage is going to start to tell. You can make things better by turning down the heat, but the better option is to avoid drying your hair in this way, unless you have an important event coming up.

If you do decide to blow-dry, then there are a few things you can do to make things more efficient. Hold your head upside-down and shake to get air moving in between strands. Then, once it’s almost dry, you can flip over and finish the rest in small sections. Take your time, and brush right to the tips as you’re going.

Condition correctly

The right conditioner can be extremely beneficial, especially if your hair is especially thick and curly. Deep condition your hair by leaving the product sitting in there while you shower. Then rinse at the end – unless you’re using a leave-in conditioner. Your conditioner should only really be applied to the ends and mid-length sections of your hair. It’ll cause your scalp to go greasy if you apply it to the roots. If you need more volume, then you might supplement with an appropriate hair growth product, too.


If your overall health and lifestyle are dismal, then it won’t matter what products you apply in the bathroom. Make sure that your diet provides a balance of macro and micronutrients. Without proteins and fats, your hair will be unable to grow to its fullest extent. Proper hydration matters, too. In some cases, it might be worth supplementing your vitamin intake – but for most people, a balanced diet should be easily achieved through food alone.