Most Common New Years Resolutions and How to Keep Them

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A new year means new goals, as millions across the globe plan to live their lives partly afresh. After all, no one is flaw free, and everyone has that little tiny thing going on in their lives that they wish they could change. Well, the new year helps people realise one thing; it’s time for those wishes to become reality.

The new years resolution lets people address what goals they’d like to meet. However, because so many people embark on these self-fulfilling quests, some objectives become more common than others. Moreover, some people fail them extremely quickly, never standing much of a chance in maintaining their goal.

Consequently, here’s a quick rundown on just what the most common new years resolutions are, and how to keep them!

Food Restrictions

Much of the marketing around Christmas involves showcasing a plethora of foods; turkeys, chocolates, and further thoughts of an endless feast. It’s hard to resist and most people rightly indulge, but when new year comes around, the belly fat can take a toll on the old self esteem. After so much greed, it’s time to make a change and start cutting back on the tasty treats.

To maintain this resolution, it’s important not to punish yourself too much. There’s little sense in cutting out chocolate from your diet for days, weeks or even months. Instead, eat less chocolate, but then also eat more healthy foods. A good diet is a balancing act, and it’s not necessarily about eliminating certain foods from your diet forever. A chocolate bar after a nutritious meal full of well cooked veg won’t change the game for you, so if you recognise this resolution needn’t be so joyless, it might be easier for you to maintain.

Health and Fitness

After all the food you’ve consumed, the ugly truth about Christmas rears its head somewhat. The entire thing is designed to make people essentially put on weight, so that when new year rolls around, people start taking up their gym memberships and consuming other fitness related products. It’s one big ball of capitalism, as heartless as it may seem to say. Still, health and fitness resolutions needn’t be strictly bound to the ‘spend, spend, spend’ formula.

Some people may want to give up smoking in favour of quality vaping products such as from VIP Electronic Cigarette , or perhaps give more time to an exercise regime they’re already upholding. Consequently, if you’re keen to keep up this resolution yourself, remember that it’s a very broad spectrum in terms of what activities you can take. Big or small, a win is a win. Don’t feel like jogging? Do some sit-ups at home instead! Remember, there’s always something you can do here, even if you don’t feel like pushing yourself to extremes in the gym every day. Sometimes, a leisurely walk instead of hours on the treadmill is enough.

Cutting Down on Tech

Tech is currently the driving force of the 21st Century. Today, entire industries have been built around it, fundamentally changing everything about the way society works. Of course, not everyone is happy with this. Technology can be addictive, especially when time spent on social media or video games starts to waste hours and hours of people’s lives. In the end, it’s only natural for some people to want to feel more productive.

If this is you, don’t panic. The worst thing you can do in this situation is go cold turkey on technology. Instead, ease yourself out of your prior routine and restrict yourself to occasional glances. Perhaps consider turning certain social media notifications on so that you never miss the news you want to view or hear, or the odd message from someone close to you. If you want to cut back time on a gaming console, consider making another account with parental controls enabled; you’ll be unceremoniously booted off after a certain amount of time.