Butterfly Twists: The foldup flats are an essential accessory

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I recently attended a wedding and the easiest and quickest way to get to the church was to walk about a mile from the hotel where I was staying.

However, having decided on my outfit several months ago, I had already chosen some towering cream heels for the day. It was a brave decision seeing as you are normally on your feet for hours at a time when attending a wedding, but they matched perfectly with my dress and hat so I decided to embrace the challenge.

Butterfly Twists

I had already decided on my outfit for a recent wedding – and towering heels – before discovering Butterfly Twists

The timing could not have been better when the week before I was introduced to a company called Butterfly Twists. Savvy wedding guests and socialites will likely already know about this innovative range of footwear. Butterfly Twists has been the leading light in the world of foldable flats for many years.

The company has designed a stylish range of flat shoes that can be carried in the smallest of clutch bags and they are an essential accessory for those attending a long social function. Rather than totter in my heels to the church and start the day off on the wrong (or sore!) foot, I decided to wear a pair of Butterfly Twists and carry my heels.

Butterfly Twists

I swapped my heels for some Butterfly Twists when walking to the wedding as they fit neatly in a clutch bag

As soon as I arrived at the church, I was able to discreetly swap my footwear over and pop the fold up flats neatly inside my bag. As you can imagine, they also proved very welcome at the end of the evening when my feet were suffering from one too many spins on the dance floor.

Butterfly Twists are a new favourite among The Sloaney team and they are especially handy for our British Summer Social Season Guide. Here are some of our favourite stylish foldable flats from the range:

Butterfly Twists

The Gabriella Butterfly Twists come in different colour tones

Butterfly Twists

The Kate Aqua Butterfly Twists add some colour

Butterfly Twists

The Lulu Butterfly Twists are pretty for a wedding

Prices range from £25 – £70 and you can view the entire collection at