Bumps and Burpees: The pre and post natal workout

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Since I discovered I was pregnant I am embarrassed to admit I have wrapped myself in cotton wool and all forms of exercise – of which I am an avid fan – went rapidly out the window! Having reached the 12 week mark I decided it was time for an overhaul and to shake off three months of heavy carb loading that was keeping nausea at bay. When you’re pregnant, everybody seems to have an opinion, and this is very much the case with exercise. Personally, I wasn’t satisfied with what I read online and I didn’t feel confident in the hands of just ‘anybody’. This is when I discovered Bumps and Burpees at The Lomax Gym.

Bumps & Burpees is a dedicated pre and post natal space housed within the Lomax in Chelsea. Run by a team of professionals, experienced and passionate about helping clients with all aspects of their pregnancy and being a new mum. You can train in your own private space with everything you need to hand. Lomax has lift access perfect for prams and babies are more than welcome to come along to all sessions, so there’s no need to worry about childcare.

Bump and Burpees

This brainchild was founded by Charlie Launder in 2014 “because it seemed like the right thing to do when I was seeing so many mums having babies and then having to go to special ‘mummy classes’ unless they have full time nannies. There seemed to be a black hole between the hospital and the gym so we wanted to create somewhere where we could look after mums and help them to feel empowered and strong!”

From the moment I arrived I felt safe and confident in Charlie’s care despite not having her own child she probably has more knowledge then most first time mothers from learning on the job.

As we all know each pregnancy is different for each person and therefore what works for me might not work for the next person. At Bumps and Burpees you will receive a full complimentary screening, whether you are a pre-natal or post-natal client allowing them to assess your physical fitness and strength as well as your nutrition and lifestyle habits. Through this they are then able to understand more about what your body needs, which will help to compile the perfect package for you.

My session with Charlie started with an MOT (£25) where my 3 months of no exercise really became apparent! Throughout our session Charlie maintains a flowing conversation which afterwards she explained was to ensure I was not over exerting myself or the baby and that my heart rate remained constant and not too high.

The exercises I tackled under expert supervision and guidance were a combination of the following:

– TRX rows
– Step ups and squats
– Elevated press ups and lunges
– Shoulder press and upright cable rows
– Cable russian twists with a gentle cardio cycle in-between everything

Throughout all the exercises Charlie explains how this is benefiting my pregnant body and what areas it is working on. She also explains how exercises will change as your bump grows, for instance we started to elevate my press ups to prepare for the growing bump. I had regular water breaks to keep up the hydration and ensure I remained cool.

Bumps and Burpees is great whether you’ve just discovered your pregnant, you’re half way through or you’ve had your baby and are desperate to get back into shape. With the lift accessibility and their partnership with BabyBjorn, you can rest easy your baby will be in great hands whilst mum gets back in shape!

I loved the new-found knowledge Charlie shared with me and how being pregnant doesn’t have to mean you have to put the gym on hold. Of course there are a handful of exercises you shouldn’t do but honestly after my MOT I literally cant wait to get back to the gym under Charlie’s expert supervision.


Read more online or call 020 3055 0970

The Cost 

Bumps & Burpees MOT £25
PAYG Session £67.50
Block of 4 Sessions £270.00
Block of 8 Sessions £480.00
Block of 12 Sessions £690.00