Bespoke Tailoring at Hawes and Curtis

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Back in October I attended the Hawes and Curtis 100 year anniversary party and was subsequently fortunate enough to be introduced to their exciting new tailoring facilities. As someone who possesses a body shape that – when it comes to fashion at least – maybe described as oddly proportioned, I have a real struggle to find any clothing, particularly shirts that fit me well. On the rare occasion that I do find a shirt of my liking with a 20inch neck, the remainder billows out like a rather unflattering sail. However much I may enjoy looking like a three piece suite covered over by a dust sheet, I can’t really venture out in public like this.

With my ongoing efforts to improve my look and style, trying to buy items like shirts or jackets off-the-shelf can become a bit of a minefield. So for me, tailored clothing really has become the way forward. As such, the launch of the Hawes and Curtis tailoring service was a welcome revelation.

James Haskell visits Hawes and Curtis

James Haskell visits Hawes and Curtis

Essentially from start to finish the process was extremely easy and the results far exceeded my expectations. It began with their one-on-one consultation at the Jermyn Street store, where I was fitted for their made-to-measure shirt range.

Eyebrows were raised as a couple of the measurements were taken down; indeed, there might have even been a few coughs from the tailor (perhaps he was worried he had bitten off more than he could chew!). Regardless, I selected the patterns for my chosen shirts from a wide variety of styles. Then I picked the collar, cuffs and buttons, all of which could be customised.

Four weeks passed before I received a call to come back to the store to have my second fitting. I was warmly greeted by the staff and was happy to get another look at their great store. Although the tailoring service is new, they do have a wide variety of ready-to-wear shirts in a number of different fits (slim, classic, etc.), as well as Suit and Accessory departments. Hawes and Curtis is a place that highlights the fact that dressing with a certain class is easily achievable.

Hawes and Curtis

Hawes and Curtis measure up the shirts

With the final fitting complete I was able to collect my finished shirts. I have to say, they have barely been off my back since! They have served me well on dates, graced a red carpet or two and have even made appearances on TV. All the while allowing me the previously unappreciated freedom of movement at the same time as raising my style standard.

The entire service is excellent and provides fitted, custom shirts to a whole range of clients. They are built to last and will serve as wardrobe bastion for years to come.

James Haskell has been wearing his shirts to lots of events

James Haskell has been wearing his shirts to lots of events

I would highly recommend this new service – whether it is a treat for you or a gift to a lucky gent. In fact, if any woman reading this is struggling for gift ideas for a man who is difficult to buy for, this is an absolute must. After all, every man needs a tailored shirt or three…

Hawes and Curtis is located on Jermyn Street: