Autumn 2018 Trends: The essential fashion themes for your wardrobe

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With the arrival of the new season comes the reveal of some exciting trends. If you are thinking about updating your wardrobe for the autumn months, here are a few of the key themes to consider over the coming weeks…

The Sloaney’s guide to the top autumn 2018 trends


While autumn typically welcomes earthy tones, this year neon is also playing a part in brightening up our wardrobes. While muted shades are timeless and often make a welcome return at this time of year, it is refreshing to see a pop of colour getting the thumbs up from fashionistas. Perhaps don’t go all out neon though; instead, gently mix it in to your winter ensemble for a fun finish.


Talking of muted shades, brown is big this autumn. Coats, knitwear and cardis should be brown and not black, which will soften the overall look. Furthermore, brown also works really well when planning an outfit for a weekend away in the country.


Silver and gold dresses and perfect for the party season and the run up to Christmas. Equally, chrome nails are sweeping the Instagram feeds of those in the know when it comes to beauty trends.

Animal print

Animal print is the most popular trend of the new season. Tiger, leopard and zebra patterns are everywhere. You can either brave a long animal print coat if you’re feeling bold, or add it in to your accessories collection for a less domineering approach.

Slouchy boots

It is time to pack away the flip flops and open toe sandals. Boots are back and over the next few months you can make the most of the slouchy boot. Flat or heeled, it doesn’t matter, its all about the slouch.

Stay tuned to The Sloaney for more about the top autumn 2018 trends