Sloaney TV: Waterford launches the Elegance Collection

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Waterford has elegantly welcomed British Summer Time with the release of their beautiful new range. ‘Elegance’ is the latest collection to be launched by the brand, which positions itself as the world’s leading authority on crystal stemware. Last week, The Sloaney attended a plush event that was held to celebrate the announcement.

Waterford's Elegance

Waterford’s Elegance

The event was hosted at The Ice Tank and the white walls of the venue encouraged a great sense of space. Guests were greeted with champagne that was showcased in the new range of glasses and a selection of canapés was also served. Lovely flower arrangements surrounded a traditional fireplace and a film ran in the background throughout the evening to illustrate how the collection has been created.

Each hand-made crystal stem is uniquely contemporary in design, with a clear delicate bowl, striking deep V plunge, crisp rim, hand pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile. These new designs are stylish and enhance the ultimate tasting experience. The hand crafted bowl is perfectly crafted to allow optimal bouquet and flavour release, whilst the deep V plunge allows an appreciation of the depth or delicacy of the colour of each wine.

Katie Ann Lamb interviews Emily Brophy for Sloaney TV

Katie Ann Lamb interviews Emily Brophy for Sloaney TV

Elegant in shape, poise and silhouette, Elegance embodies the clarity, balance and design that are essential for a complete wine experience. This range is a crowning achievement of craftsmanship and the pinnacle of fine wine and spirits enjoyment.

We filmed at the launch party for Sloaney TV and Katie Ann Lamb interviewed Emily Brophy, who revealed the main focus of this range. You can watch here…