The Noodle House: Jumeirah’s bustling new London restaurant

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After a very busy evening filming the London Fashion Collections show for Sloaney TV, Sarah Bacon and I had certainly worked up an appetite. Seeing as we both love pan-Asian cuisine and also like to the make the most of a menu, it was the perfect opportunity to sample some of the treats on offer at The Noodle House, which is the latest branch of Jumeirah Restaurants.

Noodle House

The Noodle House

The bustling restaurant is on Shaftsbury Avenue and a stone’s throw away from many of London’s top musical and theatrical productions. Although the décor has a Thai feel, the red London buses and its positioning in the hub of the West End ensures its British location is not forgotten.

Jumeirah is probably better known to many for their luxury hotels in Dubai, London and various other prime locations. However, there is also a dedicated food and beverage division of Jumeirah Group. They have partnered with the UK-based EQ to bring one of the UAE’s famed home-grown brands, The Noodle house, to Central London.

The Noodle House is located near London's best West End shows

The Noodle House is located near London’s best West End shows

The Noddle House was fully booked on the Thursday night of our visit, which is a clear reflection of the quality of food and inviting ambience. The menu is full of delicious dishes that include key Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian favourites. Everything is incredibly fresh and the charming waitress even warned us that our starters may not be presented at exactly the same time. Rather, each dish is prepared and delivered at the optimum time for the food to be served. The result is fire hot delicacies (there is nothing worse than something arriving lukewarm) and incredible freshness.

Sharing the vegetable spring rolls, chicken satay and calamari proved a good start to the evening. I decided to follow these with the Mee Goreng, which was one of the spiciest options of the menu. The thick Udon noodles with pak choi had more than a dash of chili and arrived with a strong tomato theme. I often challenge my taste buds and this dish was certainly up there with some of the hottest that I have tried.

Our courses at The Noodle House

Our delicious courses at The Noodle House

Noodles were the obvious choice given the name of the restaurant and Sarah followed my lead with a traditional Pad Thai. Again, there was a distinctive spicy zest to the dish and while both our main courses had the option of Prawn and Crispy Tofu or Broccoli and Crispy Tofu, it was possible to pair them with chicken. For those wanting to try something other than noodles, other highlights on the menu include Curry Laksa, Roast Duck with Pancakes and Green Curry.

To complete our evening we tried a sharing platter of puddings. Exotic fruits such as coconut, banana and lime featured in the choice of cakes and ice creams. It was the perfect sweet end to a wonderful evening.

The noodle house is located at 117 Shaftesbury Avenue. For further information please call the restaurant on 0203 725 5777 or visit the website here.