Raise A Glass: Toast the festive season with Bulldog Gin cocktails

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Cocktails are one of the best ways to toast the festive season. If you’re a gin drinker, you can take some inspiration from Bulldog London Dry Gin and enjoy one of their Christmas-themed tipples.

This multi-award winning gin has an exotic blend of 12 botanicals from 8 different countries. It is smooth and delicate, which makes it ideal for creating delicious cocktails. If you’re hosting a gathering during the forthcoming holiday season, you can try the following recipes…



What you need…

40ml BULLDOG Gin

25ml Warninks Advocaat Liqueur

10ml Sugar Syrup

10ml Single Cream

15ml Milk

20ml Egg White


How to make it…
Shake all ingredients without ice then shake hard with ice for 20 seconds to gain maximum aeration creating a velvety texture

The Red Nosed BULLDOG


What you need… 

50ml BULLDOG Gin

4 Cranberries

1 Spring of Rosemary

20ml Maple Syrup

20ml Cranberry Juice

10ml Campari


How to make it…

Muddle the cranberries, rosemary and maple syrup in a shaker and add BULLDOG Gin and cranberry juice. Shake with cubed ice and serve straight up in a chilled coup glass garnished with a rosemary spring placed through a marshmallow with cloves for ears and a cranberry for the nose.

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Always drink responsibly