Raise A Glass: Pinkster Gin is fabulously fruity

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There are many signs of autumn. From falling leaves and dewy mornings to shiny conkers. Lots of raspberry crops are also putting on a wonderful fruit display at this time of year. It is apt that our latest edition of Raise A Glass features a gin that has this fruit as its focal point.

Apart from brightening up any party thanks to its lovely pink colour, Pinkster Gin is also a delicious tipple to serve at this time of year. It is a dry gin with prominent fruity notes and a raspberry infused flavour.

There are five botanicals used to create this premium gin and it is ideal served as a classic G&T. However, with its extra special fruit hint, it also works really well as a cocktail ingredient.

We love the sound of the Rampant Raspberry, which is a long drink that has a liqueur kick. Don’t worry, have the ingredients and method for you to make things nice and easy…


50ml Pinkster

70ml Apple juice

35ml Hedgepig Rampant Raspberry

15ml Lime juice


Shake, strain into a tall ice-filled glass and garnish with apple slices.

Pinkster Gin is available from major retailers. You can also purchase direct at