Pedrino: A refreshing tipple for the heatwave

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With London and much of the British Isles enjoying the hottest day of the year so far, we are sure picnics and BBQs will be planned for many.

Sam Showering whose family created Harvey’s Bristol Cream & Babycham and Joseph Knopfler the son of Mark Knopfler from the Dire Straits have created a premium alcoholic tonic mixer that is proving to be a great option during the warm period.



If you want to try something a little bit different to the traditional jug of Pimms, then we recommend sampling Pedrino. It is already available at many London’s leading establishments such as Cafe Royal and Marks Bar at HIX. You can also pick it up for your picnic basket at Fortnum and Mason.

It is a zesty drink and champions an all-natural blend of Pedro Ximénez, citrus botanicals, quinine and spring water. Pedrino can be enjoyed by itself over ice with a slice of orange as a low alcohol aperitif, while gin fans can garnish quality dry gin & Pedrino with a slice of grapefruit to create a whole new G&T experience.

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