Fall in love with the Food and Mood at L’Avenue in Marrakech

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During my recent visit to Marrakech for our travel pages, I dined at a fabulous restaurant called L’Avenue. I have to say, this is one of the best places that I have ever eaten and the team provide guests with a gourmet sensation. The venue, food, wine and ambience exceeded all expectations and I was thoroughly impressed by L’Avenue, which offers a unique experience.

I was greeted on arrival by a glamourous hostess who welcomed us to the lavish venue. The décor is chic and the soft lighting creates a warm ambience. The waiters are immaculately turned out, as well as attentive and friendly. The setting is equal to some of the top fine dining establishments in London and New York, with a very contemporary feel and fashionable clientele.

L'Avenue Marrakech

L’Avenue Marrakech

The cocktail list is certainly worth exploring and there is a great selection of Mojitos. I was tempted by the passion fruit version but decided to stick with the traditional style. It was presented stuffed full of strongly scented fresh mint leaves and proved to be a perfect start to the evening.

L’Avenue focuses on ‘Food’ and ‘Mood’, with incredible results. If you have been in Marrakech for a few days, you will probably be tiring of the Moroccan favourites, such as Tajine and Couscous. The menu in this destination offers a vast selection of European favourites and the French influence is prominent.

L’Avenue Marrakech

L’Avenue Marrakech

The Beef Carpaccio, Calamari and Mozzarella Aubergine starter dishes are delicious and there are many other appealing options. However, the real treats lie in the selection of main courses. I chose La Saint Jacques, which was done in the style of the famous French chef, Joël Robuchon. It was exquisite! In fact, the last time I tasted such a fabulous seafood dish was when I dined at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, the Michelin-starred restaurant in Covent Garden. My guest was also pleased with her choice of seafood and the generous sole was expertly cooked.

Although the list of desserts includes many appealing treats, we had sadly run out of space and decided to share an ice-cream during our final serving of wine. Incidentally the wine list offered a great selection of vintages and the Chablis balanced the fish well.

L'Avenue Marrakech

L’Avenue Marrakech

As I mentioned previously, this destination focuses on ‘Food’ and ‘Mood’ and both are considered equally important. The food was exceptional and the ‘mood’ certainly didn’t let the experience down. It would be tough to decide which surpassed the other, but I must say that the music (to create the mood) was particularly memorable. The live DJ mixed classics from the likes of Queen, Adele and Fleetwood Mac, with methodical Moroccan beats to create an electric background atmosphere. I could have listened to the music all night and this DJ should definitely create a bespoke album!

All in all, I was utterly bowled over by L’Avenue and this is definitely somewhere you should visit if you intend to holiday in Marrakech this year.

L’Avenue is located at Targa Road & Captain Arrigui Street, Marrakech. Menus can be tailored to your needs and more information can be found at Angle Read more at