Gaggenau London launches new espresso machines with a coffee masterclass

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By Gosia Brzezinska

Whilst the UK is known worldwide for being a nation of tea drinkers, the habits and culture have changed. There is nothing like having a freshly ground americano while checking news in the morning, a midday cappuccino and an after lunch espresso. Whether socially or as a part of almost sacred daily ritual coffee has become a part of our lifestyle and culture.

That is why we could not miss Gaggenau’s London event launching their new series 200 and 400 automatic espresso machines. After a brief masterclass in different types of beans we were ready to more fully appreciate and explore capabilities of Gaggenau’s new product.


The coffee masterclass took place at the London store to introduce the new machines

Both series 200 and 400 offer a wide choice of coffees and hot milk drinks with ability to programme up to eight personalised settings. Nearly every aspect of the coffee making process can be adjusted from coffee strength, coffee to milk ratio to the exact water temperature.

Nonetheless, what lies at the heart of Gaggenau’s products is the coffee. We are all becoming more sophisticated drinkers who want to enjoy freshly ground coffee. Series 200 and 400 offer the ability to easily change bean containers allowing for individuality and creativity with different types of roasts and blends. Simply change the container and the machine will do the magic – rapidly cleaning the whole system to make sure that what you get is not contaminated by the residues from previous use. It’s coffee in its purest form and it’s literally at the click of a button (or turn of a stylish knob to be exact!).