BOBO Social: Masters of the ‘Posh Burger’

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Charlotte Street is always a great place to visit for a casual bite to eat and it is packed with fun restaurants. One of the most recent additions is BOBO Social and this is the place to go if you like ‘posh burgers’.

They currently have a seasonal burger available, which has a festive twist. The Cranberry and Chestnuts burger is made of British rare-breed beef and topped with truffle cheese, roasted chestnuts and homemade Cumberland sauce.

Bobo Social

Bobo Social have some fabulous burgers

Outside of the Christmas season, you can try the delicious Mushroom and Truffle option, which is entirely vegetarian and topped with guacamole and roasted red pepper salsa. Other enticing options include the Lobster and Crab Burger, which is served with dill caper cream and wasabi fried onion, or the Debauchery. The latter boasts Wagyu beef, truffle and onion compote along with shaved truffles among other toppings.

As for the ambience, BOBO Social is like stopping off for lunch in someone’s kitchen and has a really homely feel. It is definitely worth visiting on your next outing to Charlotte Street – especially if you need a hearty meal during the holiday season with a gourmet twist.