A superior coffee experience with Pact Coffee

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The choice and style of coffee is very personal as everyone has their favourite roast, blend and end result. The UK coffee market is big business with over £5 billion spent in coffee shops per year. So how do you re-create that quality pre-work coffee at home so you don’t have to always stop off at a coffee house at the start of your day?

Pact coffee have made it their mission to bring the best quality coffee to your home. The company is based in London and focuses on roasting, grinding and delivering to any address in the UK in 7 days. To make life easier for you their freshly ground coffee envelopes will even fit through your letter box.

Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee offers a superior coffee experience

Pact can tailor make your style of coffee to suit your taste by roasting in small batches as well as grinding to order depending on your preferred coffee making method. For coffee lovers this really is the kind of attention to detail that’s vital for achieving that luxury experience we crave at home. These guys are without doubt passionate about coffee and it shows.

With a whole host of flavours available, such as Inza Cauca, which is Blackcurrant and cherry crumble, along with chocolate-inspired blends such as Irmas Pereira Espresso, which is Chocolate chip cookie, we were eager to try this new coffee concept.

After hearing the burble of the coffee machine, a rich aroma immediately filled the room. The taste was undeniably fresh, leading to a bitter sweet harmony of flavours that you would only expect to experience from a highly trained barista in a remote corner of the globe. This coffee is ideal for those who need a coffee fix, but it also appeals to someone who isn’t always a big coffee drinker because it has such a smooth taste.

Pact coffee is selected and prepared without compromising on quality, which these days is hard to find in such a competitive and price sensitive industry. For true coffee lovers, Pact Coffee has successfully combined a high grade product, personal taste profiling and convenience whilst staying true to their values.

Find out more about Pact Coffee by visiting their website