How to do Meghan Markle’s wedding hair

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All eyes were on Meghan Markle on Saturday as she married Prince Harry in a star-studded Royal Wedding, which took place at Windsor Castle.

For brides walking down the aisle this year who are looking for some inspiration for their hair, Mathew Soobroy, Principal Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons, has shared a step-by-step guide with The Sloaney on how to create Meghan’s wedding day hair at home.

The understated style conveyed a subtle elegance and Mathew encourages other brides to follow her example, “Meghan went for a sleek, simply beautiful hair style. It was a royal classic that is incredibly elegant. The Alice band tiara simplifies it even further. This is the perfect style to shows off the neckline of the dress beautifully! She looked amazing; very regal and very bridal. Simple, structured and elegant is the order of the day.”

Here’s how you can do Meghan Markle’s wedding hair for your big day…

1. Prep the hair with L’Oreal Tec Ni Pli volume spray and blow dry the hair to fall smooth
2. Create a centre parting and section the front hairline out, backcombing at the crown to create volume
3. Gather the rest into a low sleek ponytail and use Kerastase Therapiste serum to smooth
4. Section the ponytail into 6 parts to create barrel curls and secure with pins
5. Pull back the loose hair at the front and then pin gently around the bun so you get a super soft finish, framing the eyes and cheeks
6. Spray with L’Oreal couture carousel hair spray to give the firmness and create hold