Try the Kate Moss beauty secret with Sun-Believable

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When Kate Moss recently announced that fake tan is one of her best kept beauty secrets, we started to rummage around the bathroom cabinet to give ourselves a bronzed glow for the winter months. Self tan is definitely one of the easiest ways to cheer up your complexion, especially at this time of year.

For those who have yet to find their perfect self tan brand or who have not made the most of this beauty trick before, Sun-Believable has released a ‘Try Me’ collection. This is a brilliant introduction to bronzing and seeing as the collection comes in bottles of 100ml, you can also pack them into your hand luggage if you are going abroad.



The set comes with an exfoliator, moisturiser and tanning mousse. When used together, they help you achieve a professional, salon-looking finish. The shade is natural but definitely gives a noticeable difference to your skin, which is exactly what is needed at this time of year. This is a great purchase for the party season or an ideal stocking filler.

Sun-Believable Try Me is £35 from