Tobacco Oud: The elite scent by Tom Ford

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Summer is swiftly arriving upon us; the evenings are getting longer, the days warmer and the opportunities to dress up and socialise are becoming ever more regular. Like most people, one of the absolute fundamentals of presenting myself at my best is to make sure that I smell great. It is always a brilliant way to ensure a good first impression, and if I’m frank, who doesn’t like the occasional compliment now and again?

Tobacco Oud

Tobacco Oud

I have always enjoyed different aftershaves and have tried my fair share in the past. Indeed, I have reviewed a couple of different fragrances for The Sloaney in the past. I was therefore recently very pleased to be the recipient of one, that I have to say, I am now a really big fan of: Tobacco Oud. It is part of Tom Ford’s Private Collection range – a premium collection of extremely high quality and developed fragrances, most of which are unisex. These scents are all created by top perfumers, using some of the rarest and most expensive ingredients available, and Tobacco Oud is no exception.

Developed with keynotes of tobacco, oud, whiskey and smokey, spiced tones the fragrance is initially really quite heavy and not for the faint-hearted. Over a short period of time however, it develops a lighter character and some really complex tones emerge. It is a refined fragrance but does have some fun and interesting characteristics that combined, produce a brilliant scent.

The fragrance is very distinctive

The fragrance is very distinctive

Although I feel that you would be able to wear it throughout the day, I personally reserve it for the evening, where its sophisticated tones are more suited. It is long lasting and although strong, stays close to the body. It is great worn for an evening out, a summer event or even a date.

Aside from the fact that it smells great and is made from the best ingredients possible, one additional benefit of the Private Collection range is knowing that you are now part of a privileged few – the chances of you running into someone else wearing the same fragrance as you is very small.

More details can be found on the Tom Ford website: