The ultimate close shave

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I have tried many different razors but I rarely find one that really performs when it comes to giving a close shave. In fact, when you find such a product that ticks this box, there is no higher accolade and not much more you can say to sing its praises.

Cornerstone offer exceptional razors

Cornerstone offer exceptional razors

I tried explaining this to my Editor, but she was having none of it and said that surely there must be more you can talk about than simply the closeness of the shave. To be frank, she is wrong; a razor that offers a precise shave is a rare thing and there is no point fluffing up the other attributes if it doesn’t do this one essential job properly.

Luckily for Cornerstone, which is a new shaving brand for men, their razor excels in giving a close shave. My face felt impressively smooth afterwards – much to my girlfriend’s relief – and this emerging company has successfully out-performed some the major players in the grooming field.


The shave is really close

Considering the razor scores so highly for performance, I felt it was justified to elaborate further and mention some of the bespoke details that add extra pizzazz to this brand. Cornerstone is available exclusively online. The idea is that you can go onto the website, which offers some helpful advice, and select a customised box that can include a combination of products that will match your own personal shaving routine.

The products include a face scrub and shave gel to enhance the experience and make sure there is no skin irritation. The company then package up your favourites and deliver them to your doorstep. An added bonus is that you can organise a recurring delivery so you never run out at the wrong time. The delivery service is efficient and you can change your order at anytime.


You can order a number of products online and they are delivered to your door

You can even personalise a razor, which is a brilliant gift idea. It seems that Cornerstone meet all your shaving needs, especially the most important one!

The service is available exclusively through