New York’s top beauty app, PRIV, arrives in London

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London has welcomed a hot new app to the beauty scene in the form of PRIV. The app has been hugely successful in New York and launched in England during an event that was hosted in the plush surroundings of the Connaght Hotel in Mayfair.


PRIV means you can bring the ‘beauty team’ to you

The app has been described as ‘ground-breaking’ in beauty and wellness circles. It provides you with a whole menu of salon treatments and services at the tips of your fingers. Whether you need a blow-dry for a special event or a glistening new manicure, the app will locate the best stylist or beautician within close range and promises to deliver to you with the hour.

It also offers a range of exercise classes from pilates to personal training and there is no waiting for appointments. The idea is that you can PRIV it anytime and anywhere.

For a glimpse inside the launch, watch Sloaney TV…

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