New Year, new make up brushes!

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If you are starting 2015 with a sense of ‘out with the old and in with the new’, then it is a good time to replace your make up brushes. Make up brushes can be notoriously difficult to keep clean and so they often have a set lifespan. Now is an ideal opportunity to clear away all your old brushes and invest in a new set.

ZOEVA has just launched eight new brushes. The brand has decided to extend the current 50-strong professional make up tool collection for the New Year. Each brush is handmade by a skilled brush master in order to provide you with a brilliant appliance.

Make Up Brushes

New Make Up Brushes by ZOEVA

Additions to the current range include the Face Curve. This is a flat, curved foundation brush, which has been designed to make it easy and comfortable to apply your make up.

The Luxe Grand Shader is also a great brush to include in your cosmetics bag. It is made from a mix of natural and synthetic hair and is perfect for those in a hurry because you can apply all powder eye shadow in one simple stroke.

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