New grooming emporium launched

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Men’s grooming has really taken off in recent years and it would be fair to say that the clean shaven look is not always the first choice. We have noticed more and more men wearing beards in London and the trend for styled facial hair seems to be taking off around the country.

In fact, our columnist James Haskell has experimented with lots of different styles, including an impressive moustache last Movember.


A number of leading brands are stocked at I Love 2 Love’s new emporium

While it seems a popular look this year for many men, finding the right grooming essentials can prove a challenge, especially if you are opting for designer stubble or a beard. Yet, fear not, we have some good news to announce! I Love 2 Love have launched a dedicated new men’s grooming emporium as part of their popular online boutique to support the growing fashion.

The boutique features a handpicked selection of all the best grooming essentials to suit your individual needs and preferences. Products that are currently available range from soaps with a distinctive masculine fragrance to moustache wax and even top quality beard oils.


The boutique includes beard oil

The special store stocks an array of well known brands such as Mr Natty, Captain Fawcett, Kent Brushes and the Gentry Grooming Company. What’s more, the new Gentleman Jools collection is also due to feature some brilliant products over the coming months. It will be fully launched during autumn, just in time for the Christmas shopping period. So, watch this space!

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