Liz Earle Haircare: One magical product for all hair types

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The glamorous Liz Earle arrived in London last week to host an event that showcased the latest range of hair care that forms part of her hugely successful organic beauty brand. Industry insiders eagerly gathered at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho where guests were greeted with champagne and afternoon tea. Liz gave a passionate presentation about the new products and also talked about her general ethos.

One of the resounding points she made was about her desire to create one shampoo that could work for all hair types. Whether you have frizzy, dry, coloured, thick or thin hair, she truly believes that there should be a champion product that works for all types. We really appreciate this uncomplicated approach to hair care and also love the fact that creating a brilliant natural shine is something else she considers crucial.

Liz Earle Haircare

Liz Earle Haircare

Her team spend a huge amount of time researching the best botanicals and the range is all about achieving incredible results by making the most of nature’s key attributes. The most exciting part of the range is the discovery of the new game-changing star botanical, Kalahari melon oil, which is a high impact ingredient.

When we tried it for ourselves, we found that the Botanical Shine collection leaves your hair feeling very soft and nourished. We also love the motto of ‘a little goes a long way’ and Liz was keen to explain to guests that you don’t need to use half of the container when shampooing your hair! In contrast, a small amount should be used and if you want more lather then add more water rather than product.

Take a look at the full range, which has received excellent reviews, at