A life-changing beauty treatment: Primalashes eyelash extensions

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There is nothing quite like discovering a life-changing beauty treatment and that is exactly what happened when I visited Primalashes on New Bond Street. Lash extensions have been popular for many years but I have been hesitant to avail of this beauty accessory. Thanks to sensitive skin and an allergy to latex (this is often found in the glue but not in this case), I have always tended to err on the side of caution.

However, when I heard about Primalashes I was tempted to give it a go and I only wish that I had discovered these beauties sooner! This express lash treatment gives you incredible results and completely transforms your day-to-day look.


I wanted to get maximum impact from the treatment so I asked for quite an extravagant set of permanent lashes in a cat-eye style that would widen towards the side of my face. The results were absolutely amazing. Not only do Prima Lashes give you gorgeous fluttering eyelashes from dawn until dusk, but the extensions really widen your eyes and mean you don’t even need to wear mascara. Obviously this dramatically reduces your preparation time in the morning and you can walk out of the door looking naturally glamorous, with minimal effort.

The lashes are fitted so well to your eyes that they look completely natural and there is no way of telling that they are extensions. This is a beauty treatment that is bespoke to each individual client need and the attention to detail means that you can be very particular about the type of look you wish to achieve.

With all my allergies I was concerned that they may cause some sensitively problems but this is not the case at all. They feel extremely comfortable and as though they are part of my own eyes. Primalashes are supposed to last around three weeks and, one week in, I can say they look as good as new. It is possible to have your lashes topped up to keep them looking as fresh as possible and I promise that once you try Primalashes, you will never look back. This is a beauty essential that you will become addicted to from the first flutter.

The lashes start from £50 for a 40 minute treatment but can be extended for a more dramatic impact. The Primalashes Studio is located at 174 New Bond Street in London. Visit for more details.