#LFW hair inspiration: Backstage at Emilia Wickstead with John Frieda

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The catwalks at London Fashion Week are packed with inspiration. Apart from showcasing beautiful clothing, the fashion extravaganza also features plenty of different hair and beauty looks. And you don’t have to wait until spring to try your favourites at home.

We loved the whole vibe of the Emilia Wickstead show and it featured striking hair styles that were created by Luke Hersheson, who is John Frieda UK’s Creative Director. The Emilia Wickstead collection is a delicate and colourful interplay between romance and modernity. The hair was a crucial part of the overall look and it needed to complement this combination of themes.


Luke created two hairstyles that were linked by a centre parting and tough-girl ‘creased wave’ texture. The youthful exuberance of the collection came to life through twin schoolgirl braids which unravelled down the models’ backs. Luke’s new take on texture – the origami wave created by folding hair using straightening irons – lent a modern edge to the raw-textured simplicity of the hair and wispy flyaways framed the face to soften the overall look.

We particularly love the braids and think the styles that were showcased would work really well for an autumn look. With this in mind, we have some exclusive tips to share to help you get the look at home.




  1. Start with dry hair with a centre parting.
  2. Spray the roots of the front section with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion and roughly blowdry to add a featherweight, flyaway volume to the front which will soften the silhouette of an otherwise ‘tough girl’ style.
  3. Take the front sections and tuck them behind each ear, letting them sweep forward and across the forehead to frame the face.
  4. To create gutsy texture in the hair, use straightening irons to create random bends or kinks through the lengths. Spritz the hair with John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray to encourage textured waves and provide a lightweight hold to the style. Small sections work best to create a naturally imperfect look, using the straightening irons to bend or ‘crease’ the hair.
  5. Using your fingers, loosely comb through the waves to break them up for a more informal finish.
  6. Spray the whole head with a lightweight hairspray, such as John Frieda Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray, to hold the waves in place without losing any of the dry, flyaway texture that gives the waves a naturally casual air.


  1. Start with dry hair with a centre parting.
  2. Starting at the apex of the parting, create a French braid on each side of the head. Keep the braid itself tight to the head, but allow flyaways to fall forward and frame the face.
  3. Secure each braid with an invisible tie or grips near the base of the crown, and allow the lengths to fall freely down the back. You don’t want the braids to look like bunches, so may need to use hair grips to help fan out the hair and hide any hair ties.
  4. Using the palm of your hands, smooth the hairline forward against the grain of the braid to encourage the soft babyhair around the face forward to soften the look.
  5. Repeat steps 4 to 6 of LOOK ONE to create that same gutsy texture through the lengths of the hair.