Kiss Nails create the best at-home gel nails!

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We review the latest Kiss Nails must-haves…

If you are struggling to find time to visit your nail salon and need an at-home treatment to tie you over between appointments or simply want to create the look yourself on a regular basis, we have found some excellent nail products by Kiss.

Kiss Nails

Kiss Nails give a professional finish at home

The best set of products includes three stages of everlasting gel polish, starting with the base coat and followed by the colour and then finish coat. In between painting each layer, there is also a special LED lamp that can be plugged into the mains and used to help set each polish. This dries the coats easily and really helps to achieve that ultra even look, which is normally only possible in a salon.

Kiss Nails - The LED light really helps

Kiss Nails – The LED light really helps

The finished look is very impressive and could easily pass as a professional attempt. The polish is very durable and lasts significantly longer than many others, which sets it apart as the best professional kit currently available in our opinion. Furthermore, it does not damage the nails at all, which is another bonus!

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