James Haskell tries ‘Below The Belt Grooming’

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If you’ve ever watched episodes of Dragons’ Den you will always see people coming up with solutions for problems that perhaps didn’t exist in the first place, and this was my first thought when I received the very smart looking but slightly intimidating Below The Belt Grooming package. That however was only a fleeting thought.

Now, in 2015 man-scaping is diriger and I’m a big proponent of it, however, even though I play professional sport I’ve never worried about the freshness of my below the belt area or worried about things like chaffing. The only person who I was aware of who suffers from this was an ex-player at Wasps who would regularly talc himself down in a very inappropriate manner in front of the lads, part of me thought it was more the exhibition than actually the essential requirements to have talc’d down testicles but, as always with The Sloaney and my faithful readers in mind, I thought I’d give these products a full road test.

Below The Belt Grooming

Below The Belt Grooming have a range of products for men

As I mentioned, I’m not scared of a bit of grooming and do have a daily grooming protocol which isn’t overly extensive but pretty much sticks to the basics; body wash, face wash, bit of hair gel, facial moisturiser, deodorant and aftershave so I decided to throw in the Fresh and Dry Balls! I choose this as the one out of all the products that I was sent (I will endeavour to test the rest but I’m still not convinced by a waterless shower, I don’t really have a need as I end up showering 3 times a day).  I understand its more about freshening up that cleaning yourself, but just felt it was better to add something that I thought would really help.

So the principle of the Fresh and Dry Balls is essentially that it’s a liquid talcum powder that you apply post shower. If you are into a bit of man scaping, sometimes the hairless areas can become sweaty if you are doing exercise the whole time, and I have actually noticed an improvement in comfort and dryness post shower. With the weather getting warmer, I can see this product being a winner for those more active amongst you. It’s very easy to apply and the only thing that I’ve come across like it was actually something you use in the gym called Liquid Chalk, but that stuff can get everywhere and can stain clothing (let’s be clear I haven’t been applying liquid chalk to my testicles to reduce any confusion), but the Below The Belt Grooming product does not stain, washes off your hands no problem and works really well.

Below The Belt Grooming

Below The Belt Grooming’s Fresh and Dry Balls

I think Below The Belt have come up with a great range that is certainly for the modern man and I think they’ve cornered the market for male grooming because men are becoming way more self aware. While women’s cleanliness below the belt can sometimes become a topic of conversation amongst “lads”, men seem to get away scot free which I think is wrong and poor grooming below the belt of a man is never acceptable. I really recommend the Fresh and Dry Balls, I will be testing out some of the other products but if you are looking to improve your game, especially for single men then I would add this to your grooming routine straight away; if you visit you can check out their product range.

If you want me to test any more products, however quirky, then please get in contact by emailing me or follow on Twitter at @jameshaskell, @jhbodyfire or @TheSloaney