How to avoid common bronzing blunders

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It may be sunny and warm outside, but protecting your skin is one of the top priorities nowadays and many people turn to bronzers for their summer glow. While bronzers are great for imitating a natural sun tan, International Makeup Artist Ariane Poole often sees basic mistakes with how the make up is used.

She has shared some top tips with readers of The Sloaney to help avoid some of the most glaring errors…

Blush is just as important as bronzer

Ariane says: “People assume that the bronzer will give their face enough colour so they can forgo blush, which is a mistake I see time and time again. Blusher is the key to that fresh, youthful glow. The pop of colour lifts the cheeks, adds dimension to the face and gives you an enlivened flush. I created my Blush & Bronzer Duo (£26.50, for this very reason. With a pigmented sheer blush on one side and a satin golden bronze on the other, this duo allows you to create a fresh, sun-kissed glow in a few simple swipes.”

Careful contouring is vital

Ariane says: “A common mistake I see women make is just ‘contouring’ their face with bronzer. You have to put, even a little, colour along the bridge of the nose, above the mouth and a dusting underneath the eyes, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a patchwork quilt! If you think about it, when you sit in the sun your entire face gets colour – not just your forehead and cheekbones, so for a natural glow make sure you dust a little colour all over.” 

Get the right colour match

Ariane says: “For more mature women getting the right bronzer colour can make all the difference. Our skin tends to become more matte with age so you want to use a golden brown rather than a grey brown which makes the face appear sallow and sunken.”