Hair care during cancer treatment

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Those diagnosed with cancer are presented with numerous difficult challenges and one of these challenges is the emotional experience of hair loss. 100,000 women in the UK deal with hair loss following cancer treatment each year and it can leave people feeling anxious, isolated and depressed. Professional hairdresser, Jasmin Julia Gupta recognised this difficult experience and the lack of support that is available and decided to help people by starting a dedicated charity called Cancer Hair Care.

Jasmin wanted to cater for all ages and recently explained more about her charity to The Sloaney, ‘We offer three main services: Cancer Hair Care to help adults; Gigs & Wigs to support teenagers and Happy Heads to comfort children.’

Cat Deeley supports the Cancer Hair Care Charity

Cat Deeley supports the Cancer Hair Care Charity

Her charity work has been well-received by those needing help, ‘Our patients tell us that Cancer Hair Care charity services are helping them to gain confidence and face their treatment. Hair loss, new hair growth, scalp care, wigs and headscarves can all seem a mystery. But with our support, caring yet practical advice and ideas for new looks, patients discover that looking good is not something they need to give up on’.

Cancer Hair Care is the only charity solely dedicated to offering free expert advice and support during all stages of cancer treatment. They are funded by generous individuals and groups who hold events to raise money.

Aside from offering free, expert advice and services on all aspects of hair loss before, during and after cancer treatment, Cancer Hair Care also recommend certain products that can help.  Cooling Caps products are highly praised, along with the Defiant Beauty range.

Cooling Caps and Defiant Beauty are both recommended by Cancer Hair Care

Cooling Caps and Defiant Beauty are both recommended by Cancer Hair Care

Defiant Beauty products are formulated to look after your hair as you go through treatment for cancer. The shampoo and conditioner are gentle and made from natural ingredients with a delicate fragrance. Meanwhile, using a Cold Cap during every chemo treatment can reduce hair loss significantly and in many cases prevent it completely.

For further information and support from Cancer Hair Care, visit the website here.  View the full range of recommended products here: Defiant BeautyCooling Caps.