Give your hair a volume boost with the Time Bomb hair range

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If you want to add some extra bounce to your hair but are not blessed with naturally thick locks, the Time Bomb hair range is packed with products that are well worth trying. Apart from the usual shampoo and conditioner combination, Time Bomb also have some styling products to enhance the volume even more.

The Larger-Than-Life shampoo and conditioner should be used to wash your hair and they are both formulated to help improve the condition of your hair. This means that it will appear much thicker and stronger.

The Time Bomb range

The Time Bomb range

Following the initial wash, we then recommend that you try the special Time Bomb hair styling products. It certainly helps to start with a shampoo and conditioner that gives more body but often the styling part of your haircare routine is what maximizes the appearance of volume.

The High Profile Thicken + Lift Spray provides dramatic lift for significantly fuller and thicker hair. However, unlike some thickening sprays, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky and the style can remain flexible. The Strike A Pose Modeling Hair Spray is another product from the range that will give some added oomph. Again, this focuses on producing flexible volume and maintaining movement in your hair is important when you are trying to give the impression of having thicker locks.

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