How to get a sparkling smile for spring

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We are full of the joys of spring at The Sloaney and the beautiful sunshine is certainly putting a smile on our faces. In fact, we have been busy trying to brighten up our smiles for the forthcoming British Summer Social Season, which will undoubtedly provide lots of fun times and laughter.

A sparkling smile is always high on the list of beauty desires and we have some great tips for how you can improve your smile at home.

Luster Pro

The Luster Pro Light is a brilliant at-home kit that uses the same technology as many dentists

Give your teeth a makeover

Most of our tips are designed to help care for your teeth on a regular basis. However, in order to start from scratch, we suggest giving your teeth an at-home whitening treatment first.

Luster Pro Light is the UK’s first complete DIY teeth whitening system that uses the same methods that are implemented by many dentists. We recently tried the kit and it uses the same paint-on whitening gel and Dual-Action ‘blue light’ technology. It comes with a timetable that recommends regular short stints that last only a couple of minutes and are required over a few days.

There is a different plan depending on how white you want to go and the portable ‘blue light’ device fits easily into your handbag. It is a great way to completely revamp your smile, without taking time out of a busy week.

You must change your toothbrush regularly: Colgate has a good selection

You must change your toothbrush regularly: Colgate has a good selection

Once you have your glistening new teeth, keep these tips in mind for prolonging your brighter smile:

Change your toothbrush regularly

This may seem obvious, but toothbrushes can wear down really easily and it is important that you change them regularly.

Wave goodbye to coffee and cigarettes

Both coffee and cigarettes can be responsible for discolouring your teeth, so it is time to swap your coffee fix for green tea and bin the smokes completely.

Invest in a mouthwash

It is not just about a toothbrush and toothpaste – a good mouthwash can help the whitening process and also keep your breath nice and fresh.

The Luster Pro Whitening System is available for £49.99