Fake Bake at Home: A professional tanning service that comes to you

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With summer on the doorstep we are all after that golden glow before we start stripping down to our shorts and summer tops. I was recently lucky enough to try out Fake Bake’s at home spray tan service to make sure I was fully prepped for the sunshine.

Having the tan at home was simple and easy. All I had to do was choose a suitable date and time. The beautician provided all the kit, including a pop up tent for me to stand in to save the furniture getting covered in the tan.

The set up only takes a few minutes and the spray itself takes only five to ten minutes depending on how many coats you want. Fake Bake has a number of tans to select for your spray, depending on your skin type and your preference. Being quite fair and wanting to keep the tan natural I opted for the Fake Bake Original tan.

As with all spray tans it needs to develop for approximately 8 hours before you can wash it off, meaning it is best to have the tan in the evening so you can shower in the morning.

The following morning I woke a little panicked as I looked quite dark, but I can promise you this is normal. Once I showered off the top layer (or guide tan) the tan was beautifully golden and natural – exactly what I was after.

Fake Bake provide all of the equipment for a professional tan at home

Fake Bake provide all of the equipment for a professional tan at home

The tan lasted five days before it started to fade. It didn’t rub on my clothes, there were no streaks and it wore off evenly. To maintain the tan for as long as possible Fake Bake advise that you keep your showers short, pat yourself dry and moisturise as often as possible.

At around £25 a treatment it is small price to pay for a luxurious tan that lasts and is applied in the comfort of your own home.

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