Face Place: The best clinical facial and milia removal

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After a few irritating breakouts during my teenage years, thankfully my skin subsequently settled down. On the whole, it has been relatively tame over the last 10 years of my life. The only major issue has been trying to counter the dehydration that seems to go hand-in-hand with a hectic London lifestyle and running around a polluted city.

However, over the last year or so I began to notice a couple of milia appearing. While these tiny white bumps are relatively inoffensive, they are a tad annoying nonetheless and so I decided to visit a skincare specialist.

Face Place

Face Place at Rosewood London

While I have experienced a wide range of facials over the years when writing about beauty, most treatments have been geared towards the relaxing spa style of facial, as opposed to a clinical analysis of your skin. On this occasion, I was on a mission to find an expert who could remove milia – this requires specialist training – and also advise on my skincare regime for the next few years with a scientific approach in mind.

Discovering Face Place at the Rosewood London was the answer to my prayers. While it is located in the lavish surroundings of one of central London’s most upmarket hotels, this skincare retreat would be just as at home in a private medical clinic. It is the first extension of the brand outside of America and Face Place has arrived in Europe straight from health conscious LA and the savvy streets of New York City.

Face Place has a reputation for being the only place to visit for immaculate skincare across the pond and it is regularly frequented by Hollywood A-listers. It is recognised across the US for delivering rejuvenated, youthful skin and uses methods that stimulate the cells, tightens pores, stabilises the PH of the skin and also soothes nerve-endings. My therapist had trained in LA and been on call for some of the world’s most radiant movie stars, so I certainly felt as though I was in capable hands.

Face Place

The treatment room at Face Place

Face Place offers just one treatment, which is a Signature Facial and this is designed to suit the needs of both men and women. It is also tailored to suit the individual needs of each different person and each different face. The core elements of the typical treatment include cleansing, extraction, oxygenation and the addition of a targeted galvanic current, which means the benefits are maximised and the process runs extremely deep beneath the surface. This all helps to improve the appearance of the skin and your face will experience a ‘workout’ that gives brilliant lifting results.

My chief concern was the extraction element and the targeted approach to mila. After a quick look over my skin, my therapist knew exactly what techniques should be used. Stories of scarred foreheads and gauged cheeks from clients attempting a DIY approach to milia removal reinforced my decision to have my skin considered by an expert.

I would be lying if I said the process of milia removal was pain-free. It is a little uncomfortable and there is a strange feeling at times, especially when the needle is used, but if you focus on happy thoughts the process is easily bearable.

Face Place

Face Place is new this summer to London

Usually the facial offers hardly any downtime but because my treatment was specifically focused on removing milia, a few temporary red blotches replaced those pesky white bumps. My therapist was highly skilled and even able to tackle the two milia that were in an annoying (and challenging!) place towards the back of my eye socket.

After a couple of days my skin was completely clear and any sign of the milia had vanished. Furthermore, my complexion was in wonderful condition, visibly lifted and with a healthy, clear glow.

I was thrilled with the results, especially the complete eradication of the white bumps. Whether you have ongoing troubles with your skin and need an expert opinion followed by an intensive treatment or simply want to experience the benefits of an LA-style skincare regime, Face Place is well worth a visit. It is no wonder that those in the know are already flocking to this London retreat on a regular basis.

The Face Place Treatment is 1 hour and 15 minutes long and priced at £130. Face Place is at the Rosewood London and more information can be found at or by calling +44 20 7781 8888