Carol Joy London launches a miracle eye mask

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As readers of The Sloaney will know, Carol Joy London is one of our favourite beauty brands. The range is extremely luxurious but also very effective and the skincare products are simply excellent. Also, one of their facials at The Dorchester is a must for spa junkies!

Carol Joy London

Carol Joy London has released a brilliant new eye mask

Needless to say, we were very excited to learn about the release of a further addition to the beauty collection. The signs of age, stress and tiredness are often most prominent around the eye area and if you want an overall radiant glow it is vital to pay attention to this part of the face. With this in mind, Carol Joy London has created an innovative medical grade collagen eye mask to give you some extra help with combating signs of depletion.

The secret weapon lies largely in the pure collagen that is a key part of this treatment and Carol Joy London is the only beauty brand that uses medial grade collagen, which is probably why it has such successful products. The eye mask works for all skin types and targets the delicate area around the eyes to reduce fine lines and ensure there is a smooth finish to the skin’s surface.

Carol Joy London

Carol Joy London boasts a fabulous range of beauty products

The clever product focuses on providing instant results and it puts the proprietary native collagen technology to good use by making sure that it directly augments cell renewal. There are clinical studies that support this high performing product and it has been proven that hydration is increased by 60% after its use, redness reduced and wrinkle depth decreased.

While it has been created to primarily help with aging skin, this eye mask is also very good for environmentally damaged skin and the latter is a common problem for those living in the city. No matter what condition your skin is in, we think this is an essential addition to your bathroom cabinet and an ideal at-home treatment prior to a special occasion or event as it provides instant results.

Directions for use: Burst liquid capsule to release activating lotion into the collagen mask chamber. Apply saturated masks to the eye contour for 20 minutes. Apply eye cream after use. Suitable for all skin types. Pure Collagen Eye Mask £75 (4 pairs in a box). Available online at and at Carol Joy London Salons, including its flagship salon at The Dorchester Spa, Park Lane, London, Coworth Park, Berkshire (The Dorchester Collection), Harrods, Knightsbridge and the Hotel Fairmont Monte-Carlo, Monaco.