Beauty Buzz: Castor Oil will help to nourish and revitalise your hair

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If you regularly curl, straighten, colour or style your hair, you will be fully aware of the damage that various appliances and products can cause. Frazzled ends and dried locks are far from ideal and a common occurrence. Hair benefits from regular treatments, which can help to keep it as healthy and nourished as possible.

Castor oil is a great product for some overnight TLC and it will rejuvenate your locks. For years, castor oil has been a staple in bathroom cabinets, with many using this versatile oil to moisturise skin. The oil contains approximately 90% of an omega-9 fatty acid known as ricinoleic acid and the castor seed is the only plant with this concentration of ricinoleic fatty acid. Castor oil is not only helpful for our skin, but it is also being used to benefit hair as well.

After learning about its benefits, we have found castor oil particularly good when it is used as a weekly treatment at home. It can be left in your hair all night and then washed out the following morning. Your newly washed hair will feel much softer and it is great for helping to repair any damage that may have been caused by over styling. We have also found it very good for thin hair that knots easily and, following an overnight treatment, previously fragile hair became silky and more robust.  

The Heritage Store has a number of products to try, including The Shining Star – The Parma Christi Castor Oil. This is a nutrient-rich treatment for stronger, fuller-looking hair. Meanwhile, The Soul Soother – Organic Castor Oil Lavender is a soothing, multi-tasking, self-care essential. This versatile product can be used on skin as a massage oil, but also as a strengthening treatment. It is particularly good for sorting out the ends of hair and helping them to look glossy.

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