Autumn Beauty Buys

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Along with the new season comes a whole host of new beauty releases. From facemasks to scented candles to teeth whitening treatments, there is everything to make you feel and look a million dollars. Here is our rundown of our favourite 5 products this month…

– Flash a sparkling smile – 

We have tried Pearl Drops before and have been incredibly impressed by the brilliant whitening results. There are so many products on the market that claim to help whiten your teeth at home, but Pearl Drops really works, unlike some others! We were extremely excited to try the first ever specialist 3 step at-home whitening treatment. Pearl Drops Pure White, which instantly whitens teeth from the very first 3 minute application, met all expectations and performed brilliantly.

– Relax surrounded by a regal scent – 

This may not strictly be considered a beauty item, but we have a real fondness for scented candles and they should definitely be part of your relaxation regime. Whether you are running a warm bubble bath, applying a facemask or simply getting ready for a night out, there should definitely be a luxury fragrance burning in the background. Charles Farris have been suppliers to the Royal Household for years and have now introduced a range of seven premium scented candles and reed diffusers. The Garden of Eden is delightful and features Tuberose, Jasmine and Ylang.

– Wash your hands in luxury – 

We love Noble Isle, which is a proudly British brand, and there is a different scent from the range to suit every time of year. To help prevent dry hands, we recommend their hand wash collection; not only does it nourish and sooth the skin but it smells wonderful. The Heather Honey is particularly welcoming at this time of year and no bathroom sink is complete without a Noble Isle hand wash sitting next to the tap!

Noble Isle

Noble Isle’s range has a scent to suit every season

 – The beauty creams for your handbag –

We mentioned the Sepai beauty kit in a recent feature about advice for travelling light. Not only is this a great hand luggage essential but we also think it is a great handbag essential! Available from Selfridges, it contains all of the most important nourishing creams to help your skin adapt to the change in weather. The products are also rich in anti aging ingredients.

– The collagen facemask and supplements – 

While pint-sized beauty products are really handy, if you want to indulge your skin in some extra TLC then we recommend the Proto-col Collagen Facemask, which has been designed to smooth, nurture and refine your skin. Proto-col is creating a real buzz on the beauty scene and also offers supplement products such as the Collagen Skin Plus tablets, which help give your skin an added boost from the inside.