Mum-to-be Diary: Little Butterfly Pregnancy Massage at Sofitel London St James

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This week our Mum-to-be indulged in some TLC with the Little Butterfly Pregnancy Massage.

20 weeks and counting…

I have definitely started getting bigger. Before I was pregnant, I was having the odd moan about putting on a few post-wedding pounds during our first year of marriage. However, it is a whole new story now. Bump has definitely arrived!

Up until this point, I have been quite lucky with my weight gain as it seemed to stay beneath the expected amount and I was just looking a little podgy. However, Baby has definitely had a growth spurt recently and the scales are starting to move rapidly. When I told my Mummy friends that I felt like a hippo yesterday, they just laughed and told me to wait until 30 weeks – it only gets worse!

I am starting to feel the effects of being larger and carrying around an extra person. Last week, Baby was apparently the size of a hedgehog according to the pregnancy App Ovia, but has now grown even bigger. I have started buying maternity clothes (more on that next week) and I am trying to stay as active as possible.


The spa

The spa at Sofitel London St James

Being bigger makes you walk, stand and sleep differently and it can be challenging to maintain good posture thanks to Bump changing your balance. As a result, back pain is also part and parcel of the pregnancy journey.

Just as the full force of pregnancy began to hit, I ventured off to So Spa at the Sofitel London St James Hotel for a bit of ‘me time’.

You have to be careful about spa treatments during pregnancy as not all of them are suitable. However, So Spa offers the Dreamy Pregnancy Massage by “Little Butterfly”, which is ideal for pregnant women.

The spa offers a special pregnancy massage

The spa offers a special pregnancy massage

So Spa at the Sofitel London St James is a paradise of peace and calm in central London. The hotel envelops you in a sense of luxury from the moment you arrive. The majestic arched windows and ornate ceilings present guests with a regal setting.

The spa is run by a team of expert therapists who will help you relax straight away. The great thing about the pregnancy massage is that it uses soft techniques and gentle products to help give your entire body some TLC. The treatment has been created by Little Butterfly Organic Skincare. It has been designed to help soothe and relieve any pregnancy strains.

It is really nice to have a treat to mark the half way point of pregnancy and this treatment is perfect for revitalizing you at this stage. The massage has been created to make you feel restored and rested. I was instructed by the therapist to lie on my side so that she could work on my back without the discomfort of having to squash Bump.

The Little Butterfly Massage Oil

The Little Butterfly Massage Oil

The massage was from head-to-toe and used a product called Fall Into Dreams Mother and Baby Oil. The experience was so blissful from start to finish that I almost fell asleep during my indulgent hour. You are also encouraged to continue the spa experience in the comfort of your own home and invited to take a newly opened bottle of the oil away with you afterwards.

After a pretty stressful week for various reasons, this was the perfect way to temporarily switch off and also give my body some special attention. I think spa treats are even more precious in these months of your life as your general wellness is so important for both you and Baby. This treatment is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and I hope to try some more as I progress through the next few months. I am sure they will help relieve the side effects of the ever-expanding body!

Until next time…

Your resident Mum-to-be / Aka The Hippo