Enjoy healthy sleep with a Hypnos mattress

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I have to be honest, I’ve never appreciated a mattress or really understood the significance of it. Maybe that is partly because, in the modern day, you can purchase a mattress in a variety of ways without even experiencing it before it arrives on your bed.

I’m sure that everyone reading this will have at some point bought a mattress or may well be about to purchase one. I have to admit that, like many other people, price was always the first factor when choosing a mattress. Normally, the first question that you’re usually asked when making a purchase decision is, “What’s your budget?”

I recently met a man who has entirely changed my mindset and views about sleep, Brent Cooper of the Westend Bed Company in East Sheen. Upon walking into Westend Beds, Brent chose not to discuss or even bring up cost or budget. Instead he asked about my lifestyle and how I currently sleep. I really felt like he was trying to understand my needs in order to find the perfect mattress and this was the priority. Brent was concerned with comfort and the benefits and features of particular mattresses.

Westend Bed Company is a specialist bed showroom that is home to a fantastic collection of luxury beds.
The showroom is run by an experienced team of sleep specialists, who have a wealth of knowledge in all matters relating to sleep, with a passion and dedication to helping customers find the perfect bed to help them enjoy quality sleep, night after night, and the benefits this can bring.

To help with this mission, they have developed personalised Sleep Consultations. These go above and beyond the normal types of conversations about mattresses. They are offered free of charge to each customer to help them find the right bed for their individual requirements.

Westend Beds work with several luxury brands and these include Hypnos and Marshall Stewart. In fact, they boast the largest Hypnos display in the country. Hypnos are a long-established family business with the Royal stamp of approval.

They provide “the most comfortable beds their customers have ever owned”. From personal experience I can vouch for the fact that this is genuinely true. Their products are handmade in their Buckinghamshire workshops but can be found in the best yachts, palaces and hotels all over the world.

Hypnos only use the finest materials and their beds are crafted to last the test of time. Over decades, they’ve refined the comfort features and style elements of their beds to a perfectly curated selection of design options. All you have to do is choose the one that creates the bed of your dreams.

Many people complain about not being able to sleep – this can often be down to your mattress and it is actually quite scientific. With the correct Hypnos mattress, you can enable your body through the sleep cycles from shallow to deep. Also, Hypnos Mattress allow your body to ventilate and regulate to the optimum temperature of 28C, where you can commence the five stages of the sleep cycle. The first is when your muscles relax, body temperature cools and your heart beats a bit slower.

This is followed by a light sleep. In the third stage, your body goes into a deeper sleep, your blood pressure lowers and your body becomes less sensitive to your environment. The fourth stage is even deeper sleep where it’s difficult to wake you up. Finally you’ll enter the firth stage where your body’s muscles are totally relaxed, but your eyes move back and forth rapidly behind your eyelids where dreams occur. As you can imagine, each stage is equally important and the transitions through the various phases also need to be smooth.

Therefore, a mattress really can and does make all the difference. As far as I am concerned, purchasing a Hypnos mattress is an “Investment in your health” and the Westend Bed Company can help you make an informed choice. Ultimately, an informed choice is the right choice!

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