How to get date night right in Reading

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Paris, Rome, Vienna… Reading. What do each of these cities have in common? Why it’s romance, of course. Local couples rejoice, Reading might not have the timeless charm and allure of Europe’s fairytale cities, but there are plenty of romantic nights to be had if you only know where to look.

So, next time your dearly beloved is eyeing up a candlelit dinner at Nandos or a hand-held cab ride to the Revs on Station Road, think again. Here are some better ways to spruce up date night with your loved one in Reading.

1.    For the wine and diners: Pasta Evangelists

Does anything say romance like classic, homemade Italian food? Not a whole lot, we’d argue. But where do you go to eat once you’ve already sampled the delights of every trattoria in a ten-mile radius?

You go home, of course. Hear us out: cooking together, but made easy and delicious. Not everyone’s kitchen skills are up to scratch, and that’s okay — there are plenty of ways to have your Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene without a fancy restaurant or a personal chef.

For example, Pasta Evangelists is now operating across Reading. This London-borne business (by way of Italy) offers recipe kits that include the ingredients to prepare an artisanal pasta dish from the comfort of your own home. According to the professionals, the curated packs contain “every ingredient you need to get started, from decadent sea bass ravioli to wild boar ragù.” Yum.

Whether you’ll be cooking up a storm together or serving your beau a mysteriously sourced culinary treat from a one-man kitchen, Pasta Evangelists has you covered.

2.    For the good sports: Spinners Crazy Golf

Some say the honeymoon phase never ends. Experts from Brides disagree, explaining this carefree period “usually lasts from six months to two years and can be marked with lots of laughs, intimacy, and fun dates”. But what comes afterwards?

Spinners Crazy Golf does. This ice-breaking activity is just as fitting an antidote to those first-date jitters as it is a tonic for the couple who have seen it all. Late nights, early starts — you spend every waking moment together. It’s only natural that there will be a lull in the conversation every once in a while, and that’s when you could benefit from a fun new pastime.

And what could be better than games and cocktails under the neon lights? Spinners has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, beautiful decor, and a host of fun games to play, including darts and bowling. Once the drinks and laughter are flowing, you’ll be right back there again on your first date. The butterflies. The folly of youth. The dispute over whether a hole-in-one counts if it’s not your ball. Spinners has it all.

3.    For the funny valentines: Comedy at The Hexagon

Once you’ve enjoyed a round or two of golf, you’ll be well into the, ahem, swing of your date night. Next on your list is a trip to Reading’s finest institution of culture and arts — and that would be The Hexagon.

This showy venue hosts “an eclectic mix of entertainers from big name comedians, spectacular musicals, children’s shows, classical concerts, opera, pantomime, theatre, dance, and everything in between.” Pause for breath. Basically, there’s always something for both you and your other half to enjoy at this classic Reading venue.

Comedy shows are some of the most popular events that run, with theatre productions, national tours and even the odd roast battle passing through The Hexagon’s stage doors.

4.    For the couple who can’t get a cab: The Kennet and Avon Canal

To help ease those post-show blues, it’s time for a calming waterside stroll. The Kennet and Avon Canal is just a stone’s throw from The Hexagon and bars around the town centre, so once you’re ready for some peace and quiet, you can step down onto the waterway and enjoy a small nature’s retreat.

After all, quality time spent together is one of the five core love languages. And according to a survey conducted by YouGov, it’s actually the most popular one for both men and women in the UK — occupying the hearts of 28% and 32% of us, respectively. But what does this mean for your date night?

Essentially, the key to your partner’s heart may not be in the gifts, the physical affection, or the acts of service they commit for you. In fact, it may just be in the everyday. Each night ends with just the two of you walking home together, and we’d wager that it’s often along this very same canal. But the truth is, there’s plenty of magic to be found in the mundane.

The quiet moments you spend together, the laughter you share, the comfortable silence that falls as you wander home — it’s in these moments that the strongest relationships are forged. Whatever you end up doing, you’d best spend them wisely.