The best products for hiding roots!

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Our pick of the best products and tricks of the trade for hiding your re-growth or roots, whatever the colour of your hair…

Dry Shampoo

Whether you want to freshen up your hair between washes or simply add extra volume for a night out, Dry Shampoo has become very popular in recent years. While there are many premium options on the market, in reality, few beat the trusty Batiste Dry Shampoo when it comes to performance, especially if you are blonde! The tropical scented version smells divine and the travel sized cans fit easily into your handbag.

Available for £4.99 for 400ml

Root Vanish

If you suffer from grey roots, then Root Vanish is the product for you. However, it also works for hiding general roots and comes in various tones to suit your hair colour. There are four buildable shades and it has been designed by Beverly Hills celebrity colourist Kazumi. This product disguises new growth and is also weather resistant!

Root Vanish retails at £30 and is available in 4 build-able shades.  Root Vanish is available at Joes’s Salon in Sloane Avenue

Root Vanish

Root Vanish

Head Bands

Another sneaky way of disguising your roots is to wear a statement head piece. Hair bands can give a slightly boho vibe to a dressy outfit and look incredibly elegant, especially if you opt for something sparkly. We love the range at Butler and Wilson, which also boasts a wide selection of tiaras as well.

Crystal Assorted Hair Band (£38)

Head Band by Butler and Wilson

Head Band by Butler and Wilson