Hero shaving products from King of Shaves

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At this time of year our skin is particularly sensitive, especially given the recent cold snap that has hit the UK. It is important to keep it well-nourished and also to use top quality products for shaving. The men at The Sloaney HQ recently tried some excellent products by King of Shaves and this is our current go-to brand for all of our shaving needs.

King of Shaves has a fantastic range that is good for everyday use and some of the collection is also really handy for when you travel abroad. With a ski trip on the horizon, this is particularly helpful!


Among the current offerings is the ‘No Foam 2-in-1 Shave Cream and Daily Moisturiser’. This is our favourite product of all and an absolute essential for your bathroom. Us men should probably be much more diligent with our use of moisturiser. I often sneakily steal a splodge of my wife’s expensive lotions and potions behind her back, which makes her livid! So she was also delighted when I discovered this product as it means I have a magic cream all to myself.

The science behind the No Foam 2-in-1 Shave Cream and Daily Moisturiser means that it has a rich dual-use formula that ensures your skin doesn’t get irritated during the shave. It also leaves it feeling really soft afterwards. It is simple and convenient, which helps in the morning when you are in a rush.


In fact, King of Shaves has an excellent range of gels too, which work very well for sensitive skin. They have a cooling product, which uses menthol and also an antibacterial version of the sensitive gel too.

For those hitting the slopes over the coming weeks, we also recommend the oils and they are really good for travelling. They ensure you have a close and comfortable shave and the enhanced blade lubrication means there will be no irritation or rashes.

Ladies, there are also products for you, but with Valentine’s Day coming up this is definitely a good place to look for a nice treat for the man in your life.

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