Braving the bob trend!

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Rosemin Anderson follows the latest celebrity beauty trend and chops her locks at Easton Regal then donates her hair to charity…

Nestled on a busy street in Clerkenwell is a bob-lover’s dream. Easton Regal, run by co-founders Bryn Wilkins and James Kinnear, was established in 2010 after many years in hairdressing. Their hairdressing portfolio includes over a decade of work with the famed Trevor Sorbie, and a roster of famous clients such as Lana Del Rey amongst others. Following my appointment in the salon, I can definitely attest to the quality of their skills, emerging with a spectacular bob for the first time in my life.

Rosemin before having her bob cut

Rosemin before having her bob cut

My appointment was made with Bryn, a self-professed lover of cutting bobs, for an exploration of the hugely popular bob / lob transformation that swept Hollywood last year. Far from dying down, the trend has even caught the attention of long-hair aficionados Kim Kardashian and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Both chopped their manes earlier this year, debuting gorgeous blunt and artfully layered lobs after years of long haired glory.

As someone who had only ever had their hair shorter than shoulder length when under the age of five, I was understandably nervous about cutting a lengthy 8 inches of hair from my own mane. However, spurred on by the desire for change and a wish to donate my locks to the good cause of the Little Princesses Trust (which makes donated hair into wigs for girls who have lost their hair due to illness), I entrusted my long hair to Bryn to transform.


Rosemin visited Easton Regal for the cut

First, I had an in-depth consultation in the Instagram-worthy salon, which features lovely dark panelling, decorative animal skulls and beautiful leather chairs.

Bryn asked me for a description of what I wanted, and I provided an inspiration photo as a reference, having had some negative experiences with hairdressers in the past. Bryn understood what I was looking for perfectly, and luckily for me had some experience with clients donating hair as well.

The hair ready for donation

The hair ready for donation to Little Princess Trust, which use it to make wigs for poorly children

Impeccable service from Raoul saw me relaxing in the massage chair and having one of the most luxurious hair washing experiences I’ve had to date. Happily settled with a coffee and some delicious treats, Bryn then set about sectioning and fastening my hair for the chop.

Nerve-wracking though it was at first to see my hair neatly cut from my head, Bryn’s utterly professional and warm demeanour put me completely at rest. Explaining the salon’s origins from his friendship and excellent working relationship with James, Bryn described the collaboration with salon sponsor Schwartzkopf to run Easton Regal’s very own fashion week show. Teaming up with the clothing designer, the salon’s top stylists create exotic hair looks to complement the fashion style of each annual show.

The final result!

The end result!

Unlike many salons where an appointment feels terribly rushed, Bryn took the time to perfect my hair, giving me a beautiful long bob reminiscent of Mrs. Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction fame. Having now had my new hair for just over a week, I can attest to the excellence of the cut – my hair falls beautifully into shape with minimal fuss, and I still love it with no regrets!

In terms of salon experience and the quality of my haircut, I would return to Easton Regal in a heartbeat. Local dwellers and those farther afield, take note: you’ll never want to go anywhere else!

The Salon

The Salon

A haircut and blow dry with Bryn costs £90. For further information, please visit Find out how to donate your hair to Little Princess at