James Haskell finds ‘The One’ during Movember

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One of the most important things at this time of year is the advent of ‘Movember’, which is now in its eleventh year. As with all great ideas, the concept is very simple. The challenge is to persuade as many men as possible into growing a moustache, or some sort of facial hair, to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

The M of Movember stands for Moustache November and the cause has raised millions of pounds over the last few years. This year, with all the facial hair I have spotted, I am sure it will be stronger than ever before.


Movember is in its 11th year

So why am I writing about this for The Sloaney?

Well, with facial hair comes some form of male grooming. In my time as a columnist for The Sloaney I have written about a number of topics, including my favourite Eau de Toilettes. Believe it or not, I am about to review my first ever spa treatment. Although I have had many massages throughout my sporting career, I have never before found the time, or indeed the excuse, to indulge in a spa treatment. It was well worth the wait and I hope you will find time to read my review when it is published shortly.

Back to Movember; one of the things I want to elaborate upon during this period, is the shaping of my very potent moustache. Call me vain, but I have become increasing proud of it…and also rather attached to it!

As the self proclaimed Archbishop of Banter-bury I thought it would be suitable to grow a moustache this Movember and form part of the Wasps Mo Bro Team. So far we have raised £11,000 but we are running in direct competition with other Premiership rugby clubs, or at least those macho enough to contain players able to grow a moustache. Sadly my teammate and close friend, Dylan – call that a moustache – Hartley from Northampton Saints is leading the field with a team aptly named the Front Mo Union.

The competition is tough and Wasps are gunning to raise the most money

The competition is tough and Wasps are gunning to raise the most money for charity

However, I have decided to pull out all the stops in our battle to raise the most funds and the other evening I found myself at the Gillette Movember Pop-up Barber Shop on Earlham Street in Covent Garden. I arrived to have my Mo shaped from a Hulk Hogan-esque handle bar moustache into what can only be described as a truly regal look. There is no doubting I look like a duke – a French duke at that!

One of my cherished dreams has now come true. I am the proud owner and supporter of a wonderfully luxuriant, twizzle-ended, nay waxed moustache.  I have yet to familiarise myself with the official terminology for describing the magnificent creation, but for those readers struggling to conjure up a mental image, it is a combination of a “Swiss Toni” from the Fast Show and Hercule Poirot, including extended wax tips.

The whole reason behind Movember is to raise money for charity(and maybe impress the women in your life). So with this in mind, I am inviting you all to join the good guys at the Wasps Mo Bro Team and there is no time like the present. Plus we can’t possibly allow Northampton to win!

If you want your moustache or beard shaped, I can highly recommend the team at the Gillette Pop-Up Barber shop – they are fantastic. It is a very relaxing experience from the moment you walk in the door. You are draped in a very fetching Movember gown and then shown to a comfortable chair where the artists of facial hair work their magic with a hot towel shave, utilising all of Gillette’s famous accoutrement. Then, with a bit of magic and a final flourish of facial moisturiser, topped off with a little head massage and a cold towel to seal your pores, you are ready for action with whatever moustache shape your heart desires.

Join James and help raise money for Movember

Join James and help raise money for Movember

I had never experienced a proper wet shave with a cut-throat-razor, but this was the nearest thing. So along with the moustache, I have ticked another box and passed a further milestone!

The shop closes at the end of Movember, so there is only a short time left for you to stop by. Obviously you can’t go in for a complete clean shave, so remember gentlemen, this is the one month that despite what your partner may say or feel you can legitimately get away with having facial hair.

If anyone does turn their nose-up or jeer – I have received a few body-blows of jibe, rebuke and hilarity – then it is almost certainly because they can’t grow a moustache themselves! All you need to do, as you stroke your luxuriant growth, is to point out that it’s for a fantastic cause and a really great charity initiative.

I have christened by beloved creation ‘The One’ and I have a feeling ‘The One’ may stay with me for December and maybe even 2014!

Gillette Pop Up Barber shop

Gillette Pop Up Barber shop

If you fancy donating, giving us support and joining the team, then please click the links below. As I said a visit to the pop-up is a great experience. It’s very relaxing; you can do it in your lunch break or better still pop-in to Earlham Street, Covent Garden after work. The shop is open until reasonably late.

Wasps Mo Bro Team:

James Haskell Mo Space:

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